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Yorktown Replies by Jack Fellows
Yorktown Replies
by Jack Fellows
Copyright Date: 2000
Price: Permanent collection, National Museum of Naval Aviation


On 4 June 1942, Lieutenant Harold S. “Syd” Bottomley was one SBD-3 Dauntless pilot from the carrier Yorktown who flew with Douglas TBD Devastators and F4F-3 top cover to locate Imperial Japanese naval forces, including their four aircraft carriers, northwest of Midway. Attacking the nearest and biggest carrier, Bottomley steadied his bomber, passed through 3,000 feet, and pulled his bomb release. A glance back confirmed the carrier enveloped in flames.

Bottomley proceeded back to the Yorktown, finding it dead in the water from hits. After recovering on the Enterprise and debriefing Bottomley and the other survivors of the first raid were launched to attack the fourth carrier. Damage to all four Japanese carriers elevated the Battle of Midway to a pivotal engagement of World War II.

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