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Aviation Art
Tomcat! by Jack Fellows
by Jack Fellows

Height: 18”
Width: 36”
Framed/Unframed: Unframed
Medium: Oil
Support: Canvas
Copyright Date: 2002
Price: $9,375.00

Open Edition Print
36 x 20 inches

$45.99 + S&H $14 U.S. / $45 International

Shipping & Handling Included

* Fighter Series *

In this painting, the legacy of Lt. Commander John T. “Tommy” Blackburn, commander of the U.S. Navy Fighter Squadron VF-17…”The Jolly Rogers”…flies into the future. Blackburn achieved ace status on 26 January 1944 when, flying an F4U-1A Corsair named “Big Hog,” he shot down a Japanese Zero over Rabaul in the Bismark Archipelago. He increased his personal victory total to 11 on 6 February in aerial engagements over Rabaul. Many of Blackburn’s fighter tactic innovations are still considered valid in today’s high-stakes air combat arena. Here, two miles above the USS Nimitz, these Grumman F-14A Tomcats of VF-84 (The Jolly Rogers of that period) are the Top-Guns of carrier air-to-air combat.


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